What gerber files do i need

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Taking pictures, of course. So when I was getting ready for a holiday party, I retrieved my HD camera to get some better quality shots than what my phone might be able to give me. All of those pads and traces in a CAD system will need to be turned into an actual printed board somehow. Having an idea for its history will enable you to have a better understanding of how it has grown and what its future may look like.

When you design a printed board on a CAD system, you will see the metal of the board represented by different styles of lines and shapes. Somehow those graphical images need to be reformatted into data that the PCB manufacturer can use to create the board. This is the job of the Gerber file.

Some manufacturers will do this by hand when correcting some design problems, and then they will check their changes with a Gerber viewer. If you use a Gerber viewer to recreate a board from your Gerber data, it might look something like this:.

The exact view that you see depends on the viewer tool you use to recreate your board.

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The round pads of a thru-hole pin will be represented in a Gerber file by a flash command along with some location coordinates. A clock line trace will be represented by a draw command code along with a series of coordinate locations for each vertex of the trace. The reason for these command codes is that Gerber files were originally designed to drive a plotter that would create the layers of a Printed Circuit Board on film. This photoplotter would use light from a lamp or laser to expose film that would then be used to create the tooling needed by the PCB fabricator.

The different codes would either flash the light, draw with the light, or move without the light. There were also codes to determine the size and shape of the light known as apertures. Although still widely used today, traditional photoplotters are beginning to be replaced by laser direct imaging LDI techniques where the Gerber information is imaged directly onto the circuit board materials.

Gerber files get the data out of your CAD system and into the hands of the manufacturer. The original Gerber files were known as the RSD format.A Gerber file for each section of your electronic circuit design is what you need if you want to create a PCB. In this Gerber tutorial, I will teach you how to create the files you need for a 2-layer board using Cadsoft Eagle. After you have completed this tutorial you will have all the necessary files needed to send to most PCB manufacturers.

In Eagle, open Board view. This will open the CAM Processor tool that is used to generate the files. Actually I have never really thought about the details of this until I was writing this article. I have just been using ready-made configurations. And that is probably what you want to do as well.

To simplify creating Gerber files, Eagle comes with a predefined job for this. It is called gerbx. Be aware that this will give you different file names than the ones listed below in this article. Do this for all the tabs. Even though drilling is supported by the Gerber formatmanufacturers usually want the Excellon file format for specifying drill holes. Luckily, Eagle also comes with a predefined job for creating a drill file.

After you have created each gerber file, you should always look at them using a Gerber viewer to make sure everything is ok. This Gerber tutorial shows one way of creating the files you need. Even though this should be OK for many PCB manufacturersyou might find that some would want the files created in a slightly different way.

I love this tutorial and it appears to be correct. Especially I appreciate the nuance about the separate process for generating the drill hole file. It does not appear to work for boards that go to Seeed, though, since they expect different extensions. Any idea why that is, and whether they are just extension-renames of what this process produces?

what gerber files do i need

But what you can do to get it correct it to download their Gerber generator file:. This article is very useful, some of our customers said they followed the instructions and created the gerber files we needed for production.

Really good. Best regards. Jeremy Q. Hi, Very nice tutorial… I would like to know one point… which file describes Dimension of board details.The Gerber format is the file format you use when you want to get your PCB made. By creating Gerber files from your design, your design files can be viewed by all the manufacturers out there. If you want to understand the basics of Gerber files you should know that they:.

A Gerber file is simply an image of how one layer of your circuit design looks. Your circuit board consists of copper traces to connect the components together, silk-screen to show component values etc. Each of these layers can be represented by a Gerber file.

If you open one in a Gerber viewer, you will be able to see how that particular layer looks. These pictures are used as a universal way of telling a machine how to create the electronic circuit board you have designed. The great thing about the Gerbers is that they make you independent of a particular PCB design software! Both expensive professional PCB software and free open-source PCB software will create Gerber files from your design that you can send to any manufacturer to get your board produced.

The common gerber file format today is called RSX. It consists of commands and coordinates for drawing lines and predefined shapes. The format is open and written in human-readable text. This means you can open a file in a text-editor and see the commands. The commands can be a bit cryptic though. One thing to note is that the RSX format can specify holes, but usually, the Excellon format is used for holes instead.

Each Gerber file represents only one PCB layer. That means you will usually get seven files for a two-layer board:. Click on the Plot button to create the Gerber files. Then click the button Generate Drill File. There are a lot of options when generating these files. Often the PCB manufacturer you want to use will have instructions on what options to choose. The Gerber format represents images of your circuit board layers that lets you choose whatever PCB software you want to use.

The format used is called RSX.

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And that is all you really need to know. You now possess the basic knowledge of the Gerbers. Your email address will not be published. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer The Gerber format is the file format you use when you want to get your PCB made. Freedom to choose!

Which format to use? Summary The Gerber format represents images of your circuit board layers that lets you choose whatever PCB software you want to use. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Social: Facebook Twitter YouTube.These are:. Gerber files in RSx format for the copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, mechanical layer and SMD paste layers.

what gerber files do i need

Plus carbon, peel-off and via-fill layers as needed. The board outline must be provided. For specific guides on how to generate the necessary files in the correct format, here is a list of some of the most popular circuit design programs we have notes for.

Altium Designer. Altium CircuitMaker. Sprint Layout. There are many different PCB design software packages so there are many variations of Gerber filenames and filename extensions. If you don't know how to map your files, don't worry about changing the file names and please contact our support for help.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us. How to generate the Gerber files? These are: Gerber files in RSx format for the copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, mechanical layer and SMD paste layers. Excellon drill file s for drilling. Gerber Type If you don't know how to map your files, don't worry about changing the file names and please contact our support for help. Upload file.These files are the representation of hand drawn circuit diagrams into computer understandable CAD file having extension.

These files are called Gerber Files. The Gerber files are the creation of engineering student named Joseph Gerber who was studying aeronautical engineering in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. Gerber marked out a scale on the band and used it to help him with the tedious measurements, calculations and re-plotting that was required to complete his project. This idea he patented and incorporated in Gerber Scientific Instruments Company and sell the devices he designed.

what gerber files do i need

The Gerber files gives complete information about the details of PCB like number of layers, solder mask, solder paste, vias and drill holes, pads size, board outline, silk screen, traces width and clearances. Usually the Gerber files are the bunch of multiple files and each layer has its separate file. For example there is a separate file for top layer solder mask, bottom layer solder mask, top copper trace, bottom copper trace, silkscreen top layer and silk screen bottom layer and so on.

The Gerber Files are used to give instructions to Photo plotter machine, to expose the piece of photo film by image file and control the light source. Actually the Gerber files are represented as image files that photo plotter sees.

The black ink represents the copper area and the transparent area is where there will be no copper. The registration holes allow all the layers to properly align with each other when the stack is going to be exposed and developed. In a typical 2 layer PCB there will be at-least 4 sheets of films.

Top copper trace, top solder mask, bottom solder mask and bottom copper trace. In the end the ultraviolet rays are blasted on the stack and the exposed area is etched away hence leaving the copper beneath the photo resist film. Thus creating copper tracks.

The RSD is the older type of Gerber file format that has separate Gerber files for each layers attribute Solder mask, silkscreen, copper traces and aperture files are not embedded in Gerber file but need to be manually input by CAM technician and hence prone to errors due to ASCII characters that are difficult to be read by humans.

By using RSX Gerber File format, the designer has the flexibility to design any image shape as a full pad, a long track or on a plane or polygon.

What You Need To Know About the Gerber Format

It specifies clearly the pads and planes without vector fill and painting needs. Gerber RSX can be highly reliable and precise in rendering perfect image files for signal layers, power planes, copper shapes etc. Some of these are. This Gerber X2 along with image data of PCB layouts, also includes all the design data like layer stack-up information, drill size, drill locations, layer span, plated and non-plated drill holes information, information about either the board is single PCB or panel, information about the through-holes, SMT pads, vias, fiducials and many other information regarding PCB assembly and fabrication is embedded in Gerber X2.

But the RSX fabrication process will use the Gerber X2 layer image data only to create Gerber and other fabrication outputs will still be generated from separate conventional method.

Layer stack, test procedures, layer material info, Netlist data, and information regarding V-Groove, back drilling, slots. The Gerber X2 is the latest development that ensures high quality and reliability of PCB with minimal errors in the PCB fabrication and assembly process.

About RayMing Contact Us. The Gerber files do not have information about the X,Y coordinates of the holes, so a separate N. Be sure to check the option to differentiate between the blind and buried vias holes and PTH holes separately. The Gerber files are not self-explanatory either it is top, bottom or inner layer, hence a README file is auto generated that gives this information.

The Gerber files do not give information about the silkscreen on component pads, putting PCB features too close to the outline of PCB and incorrect hole drills. Language English. Contact us Sales raypcb.A file with the. GBR file extension is most likely a Gerber file that stores printed circuit board designs. Most PCB design programs can export data to a Gerber file. This kind of file holds an image that the program uses to paint repeated strokes onto the canvas.

You can open Gerber files with a number of programs, most of which are free. A few of them support printing and viewing the measurements. You could also use Altium Designer to open the Gerber file but it isn't free.

what gerber files do i need

Another way to view GBR files is online. The makers of the format, Ucamco, have the free Reference Gerber Viewer that lets you upload the GBR file online to view it in your browser.

To convert a GBR file requires you to know what format it's in.

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This is important so that you know which converter program to use since the three formats mentioned above have nothing to do with one another. When it comes to converting Gerber files, it's very possible that some of the programs mentioned above are capable of not only opening it but also saving the GBR file to a new file format.

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You might give Cenon a try, too, if the other GBR file converters aren't working. Then, open the PNG file in Photoshop and choose which part of the image should be turned into a brush. You can read more about the format from Ucamco in the Gerber file format specification PDF on that page. Double-check the file extension if you can't get your file to open. It's likely that if it doesn't work with any of the programs above, you're misreading the file extension.

This is important because even if two file formats share most or even all of the same file extension letters, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are related or can be opened with the same software tools.

They have nothing at all to do with any of the GBR file formats mentioned on this page, and therefore can not be viewed or converted with the programs talked about above. Plenty of other examples could be given but the idea is to look closely at the file extension letters and make sure they say. GBR, else you're probably dealing with something entirely different than what's covered in this article. Tweet Share Email. More from Lifewire.And once they have everything they need, you get to sit back and wait for a package to arrive.

But how does a manufacturer know how to make your PCB?

What gerber files do you need

If only it were that easy. There are a ton of other offerings, all with their own native file format. Imagine if a manufacturer had to keep track of every native file format from each PCB design tool, throughout all time. It would be complete madness!

Instead of relying on native file formats, every PCB design tool supports an intermediary manufacturing files, called Gerbers. These files describe the copper of every layer in your PCB in a way that a computer-aided manufacturing system CAM can understand. When Gerber artwork was first invented, they were used to provide instructions to a photoplotter machine that would create a picture of your PCB using light on a unexposed piece of film.

These days, Gerbers are used to controls a laser plotting machine to make an image of all the traces, holes, vias on your PCB layout. The trick with Gerbers is that every file you generate will be associated with a particular layer on your board layout, each with its own unique file extension.

The D format is the older standard and will use two files per layer on your PCB.

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The newer X standard has done away with the two file format and contains all of the information about a layer in a single file. Regarding having to manage your design data, this makes it a whole lot easier when you only have to keep track of one file per layer instead of two. You might have noticed that one thing missing from the table above is any reference to a drill file. The NC Numeric Controlled Drill File will be used to determine exactly where all of your drill holes are placed on your board and what size they need to be.

An Intro to KiCad – Part 8: Generate Gerbers and Order Boards - DigiKey

Just as a heads up, you might also hear of an NC Drill File being referred to as an Excellon file, which is based on the drilling and routing machines that were made by the Excellon corporation back in the day. Just one simple press of a button and all of the Gerber files you need to send to your manufacturer have been created for you.

What you need now is a file that will specify the location and size of each of your drill holes. Look for the. The key word here being bare board. The entirety of this blog relied on a big assumption that the design you made in Autodesk EAGLE was actually manufacturable. SO before you ever go about sending any Gerber or NC Drill Files off to your manufacturer, we always recommend doing a thorough check to confirm that what you designed is actually what your manufacturing files show.

Here are a few:. Ready to start designing and manufacturing more complex designs? Are wind farms worth the investment, or are they eyesores in natural landscapes? Be sure to stay up-to-date with your EAGLE version in order to take advantage of all the improvements we make!

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